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Address :- DGM(Contracts and Procurements)MD Office

Place :- Dehradun

3365 PTCUL/ETender/C&P-II/ARR-13/2018-19  11/09/18 - Appointment of consultancy firm for preparation and approval of business plan & multi year tariff petition for the control period FY 2019-20 to FY 2021-22 of PTCUL & SLDC
3279 PTCUL/E-Tender/C&P-I/TL-04/2018-19  01/06/18 - Modification/raising height of LILO of 132 KV D/C Pilibhit-Khatima line at railway track crossing (between Majhola Pakaria & Khatima stations, TP No. 34/4-5) between tower locations number 6(DC+6) AND 7(DC+6)
3250 PTCUL/ETender/C&PII/DSM-02/2018-19  08/05/18 - Integrated IT/software solution for SLDC/PTCUL including software modules viz., Scheduling, Energy Accounting and Settlement, Outage Management, MIS, dynamic Website & Annual technical support (3 Yearsafter warranty)
3144 PTCUL/ETender/C&PII/CIVIL-13/2017-18  06/12/17 - Construction of well foundations at various locations of LILO of 132 KV Chila-Najibabad Transmission Line at the Ganga river near village Sajanpur Pili, Haridwar
3143 PTCUL/ETender/C&PII/NOC-12/2017-18  05/12/17 - Development of web based software & implementation of online system for grant of NOC to Open Access customers
3109 PTCUL/E-Tender/C&P-II/FAR-06/2017-18  17/10/17 - Preparation of Fixed Assets Register for the Financial Year 2013-14 to 2017-18 in accordance with Companies Act, 2013 and new Ind-AS
3067 PTCUL/E-tender/C&P-I/TL-03/2017-18  23/10/17 - Shifting of 132 KV lines in DevSanskriti Vishvavidyalaya campus of Sri Ved Mata Gayatri Trust Shantikunj Haridwar
3066 PTCUL/E-tender/C&P-II/ABT-02/2017-18  26/10/17 - Implementation of Intra- State ABT Metering Scheme for On-Lining of ABT Meters to be installed at Interface Points for Energy Accounting & Transmission Level Energy Auditing at PTCUL
2642 PTCUL/E-Tender/C&P/TL-14/2016-17  03/09/16 - Stringing of second circuit of 132KV D/C Satpuli- Kotdwar Transmission line
2477 PTCUL/E-Tender/C&P/RFP-16/2015-16  30/03/16 - Appointment of Chartered Accountant firm/Cost Accountant firms for Internal Audit assignment of PTCUL for the FY 2016-17
2429 PTCUL/E-Tender/C&P-II/TL-14/2015-16  15/01/16 - Balance work of “Diversion of 220KV Rishikesh- Dharasu (I) and Chamba- Dharasu Transmission Line”
2411 PTCUL/E-Tender/C&P/RFP-11/2015-16  21/12/15 - Appointment of Chartered Accountant firm/Cost Accountant firms for Internal Audit assignment of PTCUL for the FY 2015-16
2353 PTCUL/E-Tender/C&P/RFP-12/2015-16  23/09/15 - Appointment of consultancy firm for preparation and approval of Business Plan & Multi Year Tariff petition and for Recovery of Transmission Charges for Elements of UITP Scheme of PTCUL
2345 PTCUL/EOI-10/C&P/2015-16  14/09/15 - An Expression of Interest (EoI) is hereby invited from reputed firms for “Hiring of Consultant for Disposal of scrap/unusable items lying in PTCUL” against the specification No. PTCUL/EOI-10/C&P/2015-16.
2288 01/SE(C)P/PTCUL/D.Dun/2015-16  16/06/15 - Wire mesh crate protection work for tower foundation of LILO of 132 KV Dhalipur – Purkul line near 220 KV S/S, Dehradun
2246 PTCUL/E-Tender/C&P/TL-01/2015-16  20/05/15 - Construction of 132 KV LILO of Bhagwanpur – Chudiyala line at 220KV S/s Pirankaliyar
2181 PTCUL/E-Tender/ C&P-II/TL-34/2014-15  17/04/15 - Balance work of Construction of 132KV Bindal- Purkul Transmission Line
2177 PTCUL/E-Tender/C&P-II/TL-32/2014-15  31/03/15 - Construction of LILO of 220KV D/C Roorkee (PGCIL) Puhana- Roshnabad line at 220KV S/s Pirankaliyar
2173 PTCUL/E-Tender/C&P-II//SS-24/2014-15  27/03/15 - Construction of 02 nos. 132KV Bays for proposed 132KV S/S over head line from 220KV Substation SIDCUL Haridwar to 132KV S/S Jwalapur Haridwar
2170 PTCUL/E-Tender/C&P-II/TL-29/2014-15  16/03/15 - Construction of 132 KV Single Circuit Line on Double Circuit Tower from Pithoragarh – Champawat (Lohaghat)
2169 PTCUL/E-Tender/C&P/TL-31/ 2014-15  16/03/15 - Construction of 220 KV D/C Line on Single Zebra (Rudrapur-Srinagar via Ghansali)
2166 PTCUL/E-Tender/C&P/TL-28/ 2014-15  18/03/15 - LILO at 220KV Dhauliganga – Pithoragarh PGCIL Line from proposed 220/33 KV GIS S/s Baram (Jauljivi), Pithoragarh
2165 PTCUL/E-tender/ C&P/SS-27/2014-15  18/03/15 - Construction of 220/33 KV GIS S/s Baram (Jauljivi), Pithoragarh
Address :- DGM(Transmission)

Place :- Roorkee

3425 PTCUL/E-Tender/C&P-II/TL-22/2018-19  22/12/18 -

Shifting/Diversion of 400 KV Roorkee-Muzaffarnagar line for new Railway track from Roorkee to Deoband by Northern Railway in village Jatol (U.P.)

3424 PTCUL/E-Tender/C&P-II/TL-21/2018-19  25/01/19 -

Shifting/Diversion of 400 KV Rishikesh-Nahtore Line for broadening of Haridwar-Nagina Section in NH-74 at Chidiyapur Range (UP)

Address :- DGM (Civil)

Place :- Srinagar(GWL)

2521 PTCUL/Etender/ C&P/ SS-04/ 2016-17  28/05/16 -

Construction of 220/33 KV GIS S/s at Ghansali on turnkey basis.

Address :- DGM( Civil)

Place :- Haridwar(SIDCUL)

3407 PTCUL/E-Tender/C&P-II/TL-20/2018-19  01/12/18 -

Re-alignment & height extension of 132 KV Chilla-Nazibabad line at location no. 33 & 34 for 4-laining/strengthening work of NH-74 (Haridwar-Nagina section