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Opening Date Closing Date
Address :- Executive Engineer Operation & Maintance Division

Place :- Almora

Address :- DGM(Contracts and Procurements)MD Office

Place :- Dehradun

3251 PTCUL/ETender/C&P-II/TL-03/2018-19  27/10/18 -

Underground cable laying work for 220 KV Puhana-Pirankaliyer Transmission line

2508 PTCUL/E-Tender/ C&P-I/TL-01 /2016-17  12/05/16 -

Construction of LILO of 220 KV Kashipur- Pantnagar line at proposed 220 KV Substation Jafarpur” against specification No. PTCUL/E-Tender/C&P-I/TL-01/2016-17.

2507 PTCUL/ETender/ C&P/ TL-02/2016- 17  12/05/16 -

Modification/raising height of LILO of 132 KV D/C Pilibhit-Khatima line at railway track crossing (between Majhola Pakaria & Khatima stations, TP No. 34/4-5) between tower locations numbers 6(DC+6) and 7(DC+6)” against tender document No. PTCUL/E-tender/C&P/TL-02/2016-17

Address :- E.E.(400 kv SS Div)

Place :- Kashipur

3326 T-15/2018-19  21/08/18 -

Work of construction of boulder pitching at tower no. 2 of 132KV Kashipur(400) CKT-2 transmission line near Bhela river bank.

3322 PTCUL/ETender/C&P-II/TL-11/2018-19  26/09/18 -

Replacement of ACSR Wolf conductor in 132 KV double circuit Khatima-Pilibhit line by HTLS conductor

3321 PTCUL/ETender/C&P-II/TL-10/2018-19  27/12/18 -

Stringing of second circuit of 132 KV Kashipur( 400 KV)-Bazpur transmission line with HTLS conductor